Manage your StagesBike settings, update firmware, and record rides within the Stages Cycling app. 

To get started, download and install the corresponding app to your compatible mobile device:

Add Devices

To pair your SB20 to the Stages Cycling app,  tap Devices, then select Add Device. 

Stages Cycling app "Devices" menu

From the list of Stages devices, select the StagesBike SB20.

Stages Cycling "Add device" screen

Select your StagesBike SB20 from the list of available devices.

Stages Cycling app available StagesBike

Confirm the Firmware is up to date, and select Done.

Stages Cycling app Firmware screen

You have now successfully connected the StagesBike SB20 to the Stages Cycling app.

StagesBike displayed on the Devices screen

Using the Device Manager

Anytime you want to access your StagesBike settings, select it from the Devices page of the Stages Cycling app. If your app is not set to auto-connect to the bike on app startup, tap the link icon on the right side of the screen to connect. 

StagesBike selected in the Devices screen

StagesBike menu in the Stages Cycling app

Data screen

Tap the Data tab from the SB20 device manager page to view your current gear, power, cadence, and LR balance. To record your ride, see Record a Ride below. 

Stages Cycling app Data screen

Power meters

Pair power meters, set crank length, and perform a zero reset on the power meters on your SB20 on the Power meters tab.

Zero Resetting SB20

StagesBike Power Meters tab


Create new custom bike setups for your bike with personalized gearing and other settings on the Setups tab.

Setup and Custom gearing

Setup menu displayed

Record a Ride

To record an indoor ride on your SB20, first connect the bike under the devices menu, then tap on the Ride icon on the lower menu of the Stages Cycling app. Tap the green play icon to begin record. 

Stages Cycling app Ride screen

Ride screen recording a ride

Ride screen with session paused

While in the ride, tap StagesBike tab or swipe left on the ride screen to access the Control modes and view your gears. 

Select from the following control modes: 

  • Level mode breaks the resistance up into equal steps from hardest to easiest. Select a level 1-10. 
  • External mode does not control the bike's resistance in any way. Use this mode if you have a secondary app connected to the bike to control the resistance, but are also recording your ride in the Stages app. 
  • Target power or "Erg" mode. sets the power to a predefined target, such as 200w. The resistance will adjust to your changes in cadence to keep a steady power output. 
  • Gradient simulation sets the resistance based on a defined incline, such as a percentage grade up or down a hill. This mode simulates outdoor riding conditions. Your gears will still work as usual to adjust your pace to the virtual climb (or descent). 

Use the buttons on the screen to adjust the targets for each mode, whether a level, power target, or grade. 

Ride menu StagesBike menu displayed

Ride screen Control modes displayed

After finishing your ride, tap the stop button.  You can upload your ride to the Stages Cloud and any other connected third-party applications. Connected apps will show up on the upload ride menu. To add more connections, tap on Profile > Connections

Uploading the recorded ride