Whether you are waiting for your new Stages SB20 smart bike to arrive or just starting to put it together, your new bike will not be ready for your first workout until you download the Stages Cycling app and complete the setup. 

Before you begin assembly, watch our Unboxing and Assembly video. Once the bike is completely assembled, pedals are installed, and the bike is powered on, you are ready to pair to the Stages Cycling app. 


You will need to create a Stages Cycling app account and log in with your new credentials. Make sure to allow any required permissions for the app to operate, such as access to Bluetooth or Location services (required for Bluetooth on Android devices).

Add your bike to the app

  1. To pair your SB20 to the Stages Cycling app, tap Devices, then select Add Device. 
  2. From the list of Stages devices, select the StagesBike SB20.
  3. Select your Stages Bike SB20 from the list of available devices. If multiple SB20s are present, the bike names will include the last 4 digits of the serial number, which is printed on the inside of the front left fork of the bike.
  4. Confirm the Firmware is up to date, and select Done. If a firmware update is required, you can perform it now.
  5. The app will prompt you to create your first virtual Setup. Setups are virtual configurations where you can apply real bike settings to your Stages SB20, such as setting shifting preferences, the number of gears and gear range, and equipment weight (to make for a more realistic simulation of resistance).  View the Setups page in the Stages Bike SB20 user guide

Set your crank length

An important part of the initial setup is to set your crank length. If you aren't sure which length you're going to use or multiple riders are using the bike, you can easily update this choice at any time. Just navigate to the Power meters tab of the Stages Bike manager and tap on Crank length to update your selection. 

Multiple users

If your Stages Bike is being used by multiple users in the same household, each user can add the SB20 to their own device list. As soon as they connect to the bike, their default Setup will be applied to the bike. If multiple users are using the same device to control the bike, you can either create multiple setups or log out of the account and log in with a second account on the same device. 

Need more information? 

For complete details on how to use the Stages Cycling app with your SB20, see the Manage your Stages SB20 in the Stages Cycling app

For any other information about the bike, including fit adjustments and other settings, browse the Stages Bike SB20 User Guide