Whether you are waiting in gleeful anticipation for your new StagesBike SB20 smart bike, or it's just arrived, your new bike will not be completely ready for your first workout until you are able to download the Stages Cycling app in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.

Watch our Unboxing and Assembly video.

Check out our online user guide for the SB20

Within this online resource, you'll find the Pairing Devices section to walk you through the steps of initial pairing. From there, follow the steps to learn more about the Stages Cycling app to begin establishing the user settings and performing other essential tasks of Zero Reset and Firmware Updates within the app.

StagesBike firmware version displayed

Crank length and Zero reset highlighted on the StagesBike power meters menu

You've made it to the Riding StagesBike section of the user guide, which further describes some of the customizable features for your SB20 within the Stages Cycling app, like Setups, gear customization, and shifter controls.

Setup menu displayed