Stages Cycling app

If you are using the ride recording feature in the Ride menu, select the StagesBike tab and set the bike to External control.

Stages Cycling app Ride menu displayed set to External control

However, if you are using the Data screen on the Stages Cycling app, there is no need to set a control mode.

StagesBike Data screen displayed

App set up

Create an account or sign in.

Wahoo SYSTM Login Screen displayed


Note: The Wahoo SYSTM application is for Workouts only and will automatically place the bike into ERG mode.

Select the Library menu.

Library menu selected in the bottom menu

Select the Cycling category or any category fitting your workout goals. Select a workout from the workouts library.

14 Vise Grips workout selected in workouts menu

 Click Start Workout to begin the workout.


Start workout for 14 Vise Grips

The Pair devices screen will appear. Click the Add Devices button.

Add devices highlighted in the bottom right corner


From the available devices list, select your Stages Bike.


Select the StagesBike from Available devices

Once the bike is connected, begin pedaling to confirm watts, RPM, and speed are displayed.

Start pedaling and check Watts, RPM, and speed are displayed

Click the X at the top right of the device page, start pedaling and your ride has begun!

Ride screen displayed