Stages Cycling app

If you are using the ride recording feature in the Stages Cycling app to view your gears while using FulGaz, select the StagesBike tab and set the bike to External control.

However, if you are using the Data screen on the Stages Cycling app, there is no need to set a control mode.


Click Get Started to enter the device connection page where you will connect the StagesBike to Trainer Control, Power, and Cadence.

FulGaz device connection screen displayed

After connecting the FulGaz app to the StagesBike, select a ride from the provided lists and add your preferred workout file to that ride. 

FulGaz All Rides menu

Add your preferred workout file to the ride. We recommend connecting your Fulgaz account to your Stages Link account via Today's Plan. This can be done on the Fulgaz member website. 

On the dash at the bottom of the screen, you will find the SB20 gearing indicator, shown below displaying a 2x11 speed gearing setup.

FulGaz ride screen

Note: To add a workout to a FulGaz ride profile, you must upload a .ZWO file into the Workouts section on the Fulgaz website or authorize a Fulgaz connection to your TrainingPeaks, Today's Plan, or Stages Link (connected via Today's Plan) account.