Stages Cycling app

If you are using the ride recording feature in the Ride menu, select the StagesBike tab and set the bike to External control.

Stages Cycling app Ride menu displayed

However, if you are using the Data screen on the Stages Cycling app, there is no need to set a control mode. 

Stages Cycling app data screen displayed

Recommended device pairing

At the minimum, your StagesBike needs to be paired to Zwift as a controllable in order to function correctly. For the best performance in Zwift, we recommend you pair the bike and power meters as follows:

Zwift device

Stages device

Stages device name

Power source

Left power meter

“Stages #####” where “#####” is the ANT ID printed on the inside of the crank arm


Left power meter



“StagesBike ####” where “####” is the last 4 digits of the serial number printed on the lower left leg of the StagesBike

Apple TV users and pairing HR

Apple TV only allows 2 Bluetooth connections. Apple TV users that want to pair heart rate and the StagesBike to the Apple TV can simply use the 'StagesBike' as all 3 sources of data.

Zwift paired devices screen with power source, cadence, and controllable sensors connected

Left power meter identification

When referring to the 'left' on the StagesBike, it is the left of a rider sitting on the bike. The power meter will broadcast itself as “Stages #####” where “#####” is the ANT ID printed on the inside of the crank. In this example, it is “51664”. ANT ID sticker located inside of the crank

In Zwift, you will see 3 devices available:

Zwift searching for devices to pair with

Never pair to the right power meter, it will only send half power!

If you do not see your left power meter, use the Stages Power app to check that its firmware is up to date ( at least 1.8.1 firmware). if you do not see the power meter in the Stages Power app, unplug the bike and try again. If still not visible, replace the CR2032 battery in the power meter. If problems continue, submit a support ticket.

Bike settings

We recommend setting Pair with Bluetooth to Enabled using the Stages Cycling app, as long as the power meter firmware is on 1.8.1 or newer.

StagesBike power meter menu displayed with 'Pair with Bluetooth' enabled

Since Zwift already has a Trainer Difficulty setting, we recommend setting the Gradient scale factor in the Stages Cycling app to 100%.

Setup menu with Gradient scale factor set to 100 percent

In-game settings


We recommend using ERG mode in workouts in Zwift.

Zwift ride screen displayed

Zwift world (no workout)

The only in-game setting we recommend changing is Trainer Difficulty to about the middle. This is a personal preference of Stages riders, however, so adjust this as you see fit. 

Note: The higher you set this setting, the more extreme the grade changes will feel within the game. 

Zwift settings menu displayed