Stages Link App

If you are using the Stages Link app to display gearing while riding Trainer Road, set the bike to External Control in the main screen before you begin. 


Pair to the StagesBike for all 3 sensors.

Riding in Zwift Worlds with gradient (no workout)

In order to experience resistance changes when gradient changes in Zwift, you must at least pair to the StagesBike as the Controllable source. There is no “best practice” for Power source and Cadence.  Any of the combinations below will work.

Never pair to the right power meter for any device in Zwift!

Riding in Zwift Worlds without gradient (no workout)

The user can also pair to only a power source, or power and cadence source, to ride in Zwift without any gradient control.

In game settings


We recommend to use Erg mode in workouts in Zwift.

Zwift world (no workout)

The only in-game setting we recommend is to change Trainer Difficulty to about the middle, this is a personal preference of Stages riders.