Note: BKool Cycling app operates only on Android. Bkool Fitness is available on iOs and Android. One login will work for both apps.

Stages Link App

If you are using the Stages Link app to display gearing while riding Bkool Cycling, set the bike to External control in the main screen before you begin.


Download and log in to the BKool Cycling app.

 Click Add under Smart Trainer. 

Ensure your device's Bluetooth is turned on.

Select your Stages SB20 from the devices shown.

Stages SB20 will populate the Smart Trainer, Power Meter, Speed Meter, and Cadence Sensor fields. If a heart rate monitor is present, add it at this time. Following successful pairing, select a ride from Home page on the sidebar menu. 

Data is displayed at the bottom of the app. Click End Session to complete your ride. 

NOTE: ERG mode not available in competitive routes.