The Zwift Play controllers are intended to be mounted directly under the brake lever and shifter on your smart bike. The Stages SB20 has extra shift buttons in this location that conflict with the mounting of the Zwift Play controller. This video will show you how to relocate your sprint shift buttons to either the tops of the bars or lower in the drops to allow for the installation of the Zwift Play controller.  

Relocating the shift buttons is fairly simple, but requires unwrapping the bar tape. The tape is attached with adhesive and though it is often reusable, it may be damaged when removing it from the handlebars. If you've owned your StagesBike for over a year, the tape also may be degraded from sweat. For this reason, we highly recommend purchasing a backup set of bar tape before attempting to relocate your shift buttons. You can purchase the same bar tape that came on your bike here or purchase any tape that you prefer at your local bike shop.



Tools required: 

  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Replacement bar tape (in case of damage to the original tape or degradation due to sweat)


  1. Fold up the shifter hood. 
  2. Remove the textured overwrap and set aside for later. 
  3. Remove the electrical tape. If using scissors, use extreme caution to avoid damaging electronic shift wiring below the tape. 
  4. Carefully unwrap the bar tape until just below the sprint shift buttons.
  5. Remove the electrical tape from above shift buttons to reveal the extra cable
  6. Carefully peel the shift buttons away from the handlebars. 
  7. Depending on your desired location: 
    1. Place the shift buttons in your desired location at the tops of the bars, then secure the excess cable with electrical tape. 
    2. To retain the shifters in the drops, place the shift buttons approximately 1 in (2.5 cm)  lower than their original location, then secure the excess cable with electrical tape.
  8. If you are reusing your bar tape, begin re-wrapping your bars now. If using new bar tape, continue in the video and new tape is used on the right side of the bars. 
  9. Leave space in between the tape for the shift buttons to ensure the tape does not engage the shifter. 
  10. After wrapping over the buttons, confirm that the shift buttons are still working as expected by viewing your current gears in the Stages Cycling app.
  11. Continue wrapping to the bottom of the hood. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the hood, wrap the tape up over the top of the hood, then loop back under, making a figure 8 with the bar tape, then continue wrapping the top section of the bars. 
  12. Apply electrical tape to secure the end of the bar tape.
  13. Reapply the textured tape on top of the electrical tape.
  14. Fold the shift hood back into place.

    Repeat steps 1-7 on the right side of your bars.

    If you’re reusing your tape, repeat steps 8-14 on the right side to wrap the tape.

    If you’re wrapping with new tape, continue with steps 15-23:

  15. Grab your new tape roll and peel back the first several inches of the adhesive strip on the back side of the bar tape. 
  16. Starting at the drops, overlap the end of the bar and begin wrapping counterclockwise. 
  17. Carefully wrap around the shift buttons as you did on the left side of the bars and confirm that the shift buttons are still working as expected by viewing your current gears in the Stages Cycling app.
  18. Continue wrapping up to the shift hoods and repeat the same figure 8 pattern around the shifter hood. 
  19. Continue wrapping until about 1 inch of bars is exposed near the stem. Trim the tape at an angle so that the final wrap creates a straight line around the bars parallel to the stem. 
  20. Secure the bar tape with electrical tape. 
  21. Install the texture tape strip. 
  22. Fold the shift hood back into place. 
  23. Install the bar end to secure the other end of the tape. 
  24. Install the Zwift Play controllers below the brake levers.