Both Zwift and TrainerRoad have features included to help match up readings between a power meter and a smart trainer. When using two separate devices, these features can help you hit your targets and adjust for any delta between the two. The Stages bike, however, acts as both power meter and smart trainer and is able to make these adjustments internally through the connection between the power meter and the resistance unit. If not paired correctly, the StagesBike and your connected app may make conflicting adjustments, resulting in a poor experience during workouts. 

To avoid duplicate efforts trying to adjust your resistance to the right power, we recommend the following settings:


  • Connect to the StagesBike as the controllable trainer. Pair the Left power meter as the Power Source and Cadence. Do not pair to the right crank arm power meter, as it will only send half power. 
  • Enable Erg mode when beginning a workout. 
  • Erg mode may take up to 30 seconds to adjust for your cadence and align the resistance with your workout target. 


  • Pair only to the Stages SB20 smart bike as a sensor and not directly to the power meter. The bike will rebroadcast the power meter values automatically. 
  • Within the TrainerRoad mobile app, click the menu button in the upper left corner and select Devices > Stages Bike > Device Settings: PowerMatch, then select Disable.

General Tips

  • Power targets are met through a combination of applied resistance (from the bike) and your cadence. Pedaling at a smooth, steady cadence will make it easier to settle into Erg mode and receive more predictable resistance. 
  • Try to continue pedaling, even during rest intervals. Coasting may result in increased resistance when you begin pedaling or when using Zwift, Erg mode may turn off until you begin pedaling again for a few seconds. 
  • Power targets are usually based on your FTP setting within the software application, so if targets are too high to complete the workout, consider adjusting your FTP. 
  • Since the bike is broadcasting the true power measurement from the cranks and not the values from the resistance unit, your power readings will naturally fluctuate from one second to another. This is normal when measuring directly from the cranks and does not indicate a problem.