In addition to regularly wiping the bike down, we recommend giving the bike a bit more love on occasion. Depending on how often you ride, you may need to give your bike a deeper cleaning every 6 months, or maybe just once a year (after your indoor riding season is best, before it sits for a while).

Here are some tips on how to deep clean the bike:

  • Unplug the bike from external power before beginning any intensive cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Along with regular cleaning, make sure to wipe down the visible surfaces of the bike with a soft cloth using water and a mild cleaner. Do not use products containing ammonium chloride.
  • Remove the seat post from the frame by lifting it beyond the max height. Wipe down the seat post before returning it into the frame. 
  • Remove and discard the bar tape. Bar tape can build up deposits of sweat and salt, growing bacteria in addition to corroding the handlebars. Before beginning this step, make sure to purchase new bar tape to install after completing the cleaning.
  • Carefully clean under the bars, brake/shifter hoods, around the brake/shifter clamps, and under the remote shift buttons. Allow all components to fully dry before rewrapping the bars. 
    • If you remove the handlebars, use a torque wrench to reinstall and clamp each bolt evenly to 5 Nm. 
  • Remove the saddle and clean saddle and rails, as well as cleaning the clamping mechanism. Grease the saddle clamp bolt before putting the saddle back in place. Torque to 30 Nm. 
  • If extra friction has developed in the fit adjustment, wipe and lubricate sliding portions of the bike (saddle and handlebar fore/aft sliders) using a silicone spray lubricant. Do not lubricate the seat post or handlebar post, as they require friction to stay in place. 
  • Review all items in the maintenance guide to ensure the bike is in safe working order. 

Things to avoid:

  • Do not directly spray any cleaners or water onto the bike. Apply them to a rag or cloth, then wipe the bike. 
  • Keep liquids and your damp cloth away from the USB ports and any exposed electrical ports (such as the handlebar plug junction).
  • Do not remove dust covers and other protective items on the bike. Internal components of the bike do not need servicing or cleaning as a part of regular maintenance. 
  • Do not attempt to remove the handlebars by lifting the handlebar post out of the bike. The brake and shifter control wiring is connected through this post.