This article will walk you through pairing your Stages L/R power meters to the StagesBike. This may be necessary if either:

  • You have received a replacement power meter from Stages Cycling support.
  • You are having trouble getting power to display in connected applications.


  • This article does not cover the installation of the power meters on the StagesBike, only pairing.
  • If you found this page to troubleshoot power not showing up in connected applications for StagesBike, please make sure you follow the steps in this article before proceeding further.


To update your power meter pairing configuration: 

  1. Open the Stages Cycling app.
  2. Select Devices and then tap the link icon next to your StagesBike to connect. If your StagesBike does not show up on the Devices list, tap Add device.
  3. Select or swipe over to the Power meters tab, then spin the crank arms to wake up the power meters. 

  4. Tap the power meter ANT IDs section to bring up the edit power meters dialogue.

  5. Enter the ANT+ ID numbers for your power meters. The ANT+ ID is located on a sticker on the inside edge of your power meter.
    ANT+ID on a StagesBike crankarm
  6. After you've confirmed both ANT+ IDs, select OK and pairing will begin. After pairing is successful, the power meter page will display Connected.
  7. Once connected, perform a zero reset by hitting the zero reset button.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to place your cranks in the vertical position, then complete the zero reset. You should receive a zero offset value from the left and right power meters on your StagesBike.
  9. After finishing the zero reset, hop on the bike and begin pedaling to confirm your power meters are reading in the Data tab.