This article will walk you through pairing your Stages L/R power meters to the StagesBike. This may be necessary if either:

  • You have received a replacement power meter from Stages Cycling support.
  • You are having trouble getting power to display in connected applications.


  • This article does not cover installation of the power meters on the StagesBike, only pairing.
  • If you found this page to troubleshoot power not showing up in connected applications for StagesBike, please make sure you follow the steps in this article before proceeding further.


  1. Open the Stages Link app (download links below):
  2. From the app store, install any available updates for Stages Link. We are constantly improving the app, so please install any available updates before moving forward. 
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled in your phone settings.

  4. Open the app and navigate to the Device manager page using the sidebar menu. Select the StagesBike that you want to pair to from the MY DEVICES list:

  5. If the StagesBike is not in the list of devices, use the (+) button in the top right corner to search for new devices and follow the steps below to pair to the bike:
    a. Select StagesBike.
    b. Select the bike from the list.
    c. The app will check and update firmware if needed.
    d. Create a virtual setup.
  6. Make sure the StagesBike is connected:
    • Disconnected (control page greyed out):
    • Connected (control page functioning):
  7. Spin the cranks on your StagesBike to make sure they are awake, be sure that all battery tabs have been removed and the batteries are installed correctly and relatively new. 
  8. Click on the Settings in the top right corner of the control page. On the Settings page, click Manage Crank Arms.
  9. Edit the Left Power meter ANT+ ID by clicking the Edit Box on the right hand side of the ANT+ ID, delete the previous/original ANT+ ID and enter in the replacement power meter’s ANT+ ID. The ANT+ ID is located on a sticker on the inside edge of your power meter.
  10. Repeat these steps for the right power meter.
  11. Once you have both power meters selected, indicated by red ANT IDs, tap Pair in the upper right corner. The app will begin pairing your new power meter. This can take 30 seconds or longer.
  12. Once the confirmation appears that pairing is complete, back out of the Manage crank arms page and return to Settings.
  13. Rotate your power meter cranks to the vertical position, then select Zero Reset from the settings page.
  14.  After completing the zero reset, you can exit the app and your bike is now ready to ride.