After completing assembly, the StagesBike handlebar alignment is not straight.


There is a small amount of play in the handlebar clamping assembly, which can help resolve small alignment issues, characterized by this picture:

Before troubleshooting

There is about 1 degree of play in the clamping mechanism and existing plastic sleeve that holds the handlebar assembly in place. If the original assembly shows some slight misalignment, this may be resolved by following these simple steps:

  1. Loosen the knob that holds the handlebar assembly in place vertically
  2. Push the handlebars into the correct position
  3. Hold the handlebars there while you tighten the knob

This may fully resolve the problem and no further action may be required. For customers with issues with their handlebars that are not resolved by this assembly adjustment, please continue reading.


If the steps in the previous section do not resolve the issue, please take a picture of your bike from above the handlebars, like the picture at the beginning of this article, and attach it to a new ticket