App Set Up

Create an account or sign in.



After you have done so you will be brought to the Workouts library.


To see the detail of the workout click on the Graph of the Workout on the left side (see screen shot).


Click the “Start” button to begin the Workout. After you have done so the app will then bring up the Pair Devices screen (see screen shot). Click the Watts button.


After you click the Watts button the device page will appear. Connect to the Stages Bike.


After you connect to the bike you will be brought back to the Device settings page. If you are pedaling you should see Watts, RPM and Speed be displayed.


Click the X at the top left of the device page and start pedaling and your ride has begun!


Note: The bike will automatically be placed into ERG mode since The Sufferfest application is for Workouts only.