• Stages MTB shifter from our web store 
  • User-supplied 31.8 mm MTB handlebars and grips 
  • 4 mm hex key and torque wrench (up to 5 N⋅m)
  • A device with Stages Cycling app installed to configure shifting

In order to swap your SB20 from the provided drop handlebars and shifters, follow these steps.

Prep your bike for installation by unplugging the bike from the power source.

Plug location above rear stabilizer on bike

Unplug the two road handlebar plugs from the base of the stem. Insert the provided protective plugs into these ports for protection. While holding the road bars firm, unbolt the three stem faceplate bolts with a 4 mm hex key.  As the plate loosens, the bars will naturally rotate downwards.

Removal of shifter plugs and handlebar stem bolts

Remove the faceplate and set road handlebars aside. 

Bring user-supplied MTB handlebars to the bike, and attach the three faceplate bolts.  

Installation of Mtb bars and stem plate

Finalize the position of the MTB handlebars and torque to spec (5 N⋅m). 

Install the MTB shifter onto the right side of your handlebar. Tighten to 5-7 N⋅m. Install your grip. The shifter should be in a position that allows for thumb access of both shift buttons without moving your hand from the grip and angled to optimally reflect your wrist anatomy and preference.

Shifter and grip being installed onto bar end

Remove right-side upper auxiliary plug using the provided wire connector extraction tool. 

Plug in the shifter to the right side auxiliary port, and plug in your SB20 back into power. Store the auxiliary plug in a safe place, for use with road handlebars. 

Topmost auxiliary plug location on stem port

Note:  Do not force the plug or shifter cable. Ensure proper alignment of plug prior to installation. 

Note: Your SB20 fit measurements will likely be different with the new handlebar, please adjust the fore-aft and handlebar vertical position accordingly. The user guide can assist with this adjustment.

Complete app setup

Before your first ride with your new MTB shifter: 

  1. Open the Stages Cycling app, go to Sensors> Select your SB20 > Setups > + icon to add a new setup. 
  2. Under Gearing, tap Gear setup and select either Custom or Dream drive. For custom gearing, select a single ring front chainring. For Dream drive, keep in mind that no big shift is present. 
  3. At the bottom of your new Setup page, toggle the Brake to off. 
  4. Tap the checkmark at the top of the page to apply these settings to your bike.

Bottom of SB20 setup page in Stages Cycling app