The Stages Cycling app includes an expanded list of device support to combine the features of our previous apps (Stages Link and StagesPower), as well as support new features. 

After you have downloaded the app and created your account, tap the Devices icon to begin adding your Stages devices.

You can pair the following devices:

  • StagesBike SB20
  • Stages Dash M200
  • Stages Dash L200
  • Stages Dash M50
  • Stages Dash L50
  • Stages Power meters, both indoor and outdoor
  • Bluetooth Heart Rate sensors

Connected devices will indicate they are currently connected with a green link icon on the right side of the app. For devices like the StagesBike SB20, pair automatically (will always be paired if the app is open and the bike is plugged in), or only pair when asked (tap the icon to connect from the sensors page).

Manage firmware

The Stages Cycling app allows you to perform firmware updates for StagesBike SB20 and Stages Power meters. For Stages Dash M50 and L50, you will be notified when new firmware is available and can email yourself a link to download the firmware file and place it on your device via USB. 

Manage settings

All the settings for your StagesBike SB20 and your Stages Dash M200 and L200 and Stages Dash M50 and L50 are managed in the app. Learn more about managing your devices here:

Record a ride

Record a ride within the Stages Cycling app by riding with connected sensors. Pair a power meter, heart rate sensor, and/or StagesBike SB20, and then tap the Ride icon to begin.  For more information on recording a ride: