Sim mode (short for "simulation") is a setting where a device controls the resistance of the bike based on a simulated grade (i.e. 5%). The resistance will be calculated using the grade, rider weight, and equipment weight. This mode can be utilized to simulate virtual worlds and courses, such as used by Zwift, Rouvy, or RGT, or you can set it manually in the Stages Cycling app or through any device that supports trainer control, such as the Stages Dash. 

When you connect your StagesBike as a controllable sensor in most virtual riding apps, the bike will automatically be placed in Sim mode. Only one device can control your StagesBike via Sim mode, so if you are riding with a second device, make sure to disable trainer control on the secondary device, either by disabling trainer control (broken link icon in the Stages Cycling app or Stages Dash) or only connect to the left power meter. 

Sim mode in the Stages Cycling app

From the Ride tab in the Stages Cycling app, select the StagesBike tab and tap on the control mode icon and make sure the mountains icon is selected. Use the +/- buttons to adjust the grade. Choose any value between -20% and 20%.

Tap the settings icon in the lower left to adjust your virtual setup, which allows you to set the equipment weight for the bike used in Sim calculations. The weight set in your Stages Cycling profile will be used for rider weight. Note: When riding in other apps such as Zwift, your Zwift profile weight and the weight of the Zwift bike chosen from your garage will be used instead of the settings in the Stages Cycling app. 

Sim mode on the Stages Dash

When using a Stages Dash with your StagesBike, Sim mode can be engaged from the Trainer control page. Press the select button and toggle the setting to the mountains icon, then use the arrows to adjust the grade. 

For more information, see the Stages Dash user guide Trainer Control page.