Your SB20 has two power meters on the right and left crank. These power meters will auto-zero when idle, but you may occasionally need to manually perform a zero reset to check for accuracy or correct a bad auto-zero (such as one that happened while you were standing on the pedals or left your shoes clipped in).

To perform a zero reset on your SB20, go to the Stages Cycling app > Devices > Your SB20 (tap the link icon to connect) > Power meters > Zero reset. Follow the on-screen instructions. Your cranks must be awake (rotate a few times to awaken), positioned vertically, and both sides should have a good battery installed. 

 Your ADC values should be fairly consistent from one zero reset to the next, barring a major temperature change. 

  • Expected range: 740-1040*
  • Expected variation: +/- 10 when the zero reset is performed under the same conditions (i.e. similar/same temperature)

If one of your SB20 power meter's ADC falls outside this range or is varying more than expected, please submit a new ticket. 

*This range applies to indoor power meters only.