Erg mode (short for ergometer) or Target power mode is a setting where a device controls the resistance of the bike based on a preset target (such as 150 W). This mode can be utilized to maintain a consistent output with changes in cadence. It's most commonly used to perform a prescribed workout that calls for power targets for each interval. We recommend ERG mode for nearly any workout, except those that call for short efforts, such as sprints or any efforts under 30s. Sudden bursts of power or acceleration are not ideal for ERG mode, so we suggest turning ERG off for these efforts. 

Erg mode can be engaged within an app such as the Stages Cycling app, TrainerRoad, or Zwift (while using the workout feature) or by your head unit. Most preset workouts set the target as a percentage of your FTP. Before using ERG mode to complete a workout, ensure the correct FTP is set on your device. 

Target power in the Stages Cycling app

Connect your bike to the Stages Cycling app under the Devices tab. Once your bike is paired, go to the Ride screen and tap the bike control widget at the bottom of the screen. Tap the lightning bolt icon to enter target power mode and select your resistance level using the slider. 

For workouts, resistance can be set automatically to the power target in your workout file. To complete a workout in target power mode, select the Workout tab and pick a workout from your scheduled workouts (workouts on a calendar synced to your Stages Cycling app account, such as Training Peaks) or pick any workout from the Stages library. 

Erg mode on the Stages Dash

When using a Stages Dash with your StagesBike, Erg mode can be engaged from the Trainer control page. Press the select button and toggle the setting to the lightning bolt icon, then use the arrows to adjust the power target. 

If you've loaded a workout, the bike will be in Erg-w mode and you can adjust your workout targets using the same Trainer control page. Use the select button to toggle the selection to the barbell icon and use the arrow buttons to adjust the target up and down in percentage. 

For more information, see the Stages Dash user guide Trainer Control page.