This article has been adapted from the StagesBike User Guide website.


To update your firmware: 

  1. Open the app and select the Devices icon in the bottom menu of the Stages Cycling app. 
  2. If you have not connected to any StagesBikes before, tap the Add Device button in the bottom right corner and the app will walk you through the rest and automatically update the firmware in the process of setup.
  3. During the pairing process, the app will check for an available firmware update.
  4. If you have already connected to a StagesBike, select it from the Devices list.
  5. After selecting your StagesBike, the firmware version is indicated in the Info section. If it requires an update, it will be marked with a red alert icon.
  6. Tap Firmware, then select Update on the resulting overlay, and the app will start the update. StagesBike release notes are available to view.
  7. A process dialogue will appear and display the firmware update progress. The app will disconnect from the bike once the update is complete and reconnect automatically. Your firmware is now up to date.